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My Approach to public relations

Over 18 years of training new PR employees

They say that you learn the most about a subject by teaching it.
Here are some lessons I learned over 18 years of training new PR employees at Stanwood & Partners:

1. Know your client.

This means understanding your client’s product or service, its market and its competitive environment well before you start
contacting media.

2. Know the media to whom you're speaking.

Nothing frustrates an editor like an inappropriate pitch and they get them all the time. You must know the writer before you make the call. Read their stuff. Know what they cover. Understand where your client fits in and pitch accordingly.

3. Don't trash the competition.


4. Have all the details.

Don’t pique an editor’s interest and then have to call back with an important detail.

5. Don't overhype.

Be realistic about your client’s product and position them fairly. Overheated come-ons are the most self-damaging exercise in PR. Media people have a built-in radar for them.

6. Know and respect deadlines.

Be on time with your information and work ahead of a media person’s schedule.


7. Report, report, report.

Keep your client up to date on all jobs in progress, relevant dates, next steps and budgets. Especially budgets.

By doing the legwork that many PR people avoid, you earn a reputation for delivering solid information without jamming it down the media’s throat.

I make contacts until I get the right person, build a level of trust and supply intelligent,
well-presented information. It’s simple. And it works.