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So Who’s Stanwood?

Carson Stanwood

In my 35+ years of working in marketing communications, I’ve run account service for large and small ad agencies, founded and built a PR firm and represented clients from startups to divisions of Nestle, 3M, Sierra Nevada Brewing and Harley-Davidson.

In 1991, I founded Stanwood & Partners Public Relations in Jackson Hole, which grew to be the leading PR firm serving the outdoor, snowsports, cycling and human-powered recreation markets.

When I sold the business in 2008 to Carmichael Lynch, a division of Interpublic, S&P had 23 clients, 11 employees and an in-house event company. Here’s a fun link to a piece written by one of my old employees about those days.

In 2011, I became a partner in Channel Signal, a company that gathers, analyzes and reports on consumer product reviews, giving clients insight into what the buying public is saying about their products and those of their competitors. Current Channel Signal clients are in categories from personal electronics to footwear, home hardwear, baby products and home appliances.

I returned to PR work in 2018, convinced that today’s media realities call for a different structure. Rather than replicate another agency like Stanwood & Partners, I’m now committed to operating as a sole practitioner. I’m currently working with clients in a variety of markets – everything from advanced textile manufacturing and sustainable agriculture to merino wool performance clothing and electric bikes.

Why I’m Solo

I believe experience counts more than ever

In 2018, I returned to PR to work after a stint in consumer product review analysis, but with a desire to do the job differently. In contrast to the traditional agency structure I built with my old firm, I’m committed to doing PR as a sole practitioner.

In today’s media market, I believe experience counts more than ever. Maybe more than anything.
Clients are better served by having a single, more experienced person directly handling their business vs. the standard agency practice of assigning your business to a junior associate.

I have quick access to top-flight partners for support like video production and graphic design, but the critical PR tasks like story creation, pitching and media relationship-building are handled by me.

I’ve learned all the hard lessons and made all the mistakes that a rookie staffer is going to make. From Day One, you’ll have an experienced hand on all elements of your business.